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Commuter Breakfast

As most of you know, I commute for work. Which means, I take an airplane to work instead of driving. Sometimes, I can't heat my breakfast up because I'm not working, or I am just too busy to do so. This next "recipe" (can it be called that if there's really no cooking involved?) is something that is perfect to throw together quickly before a trip!

You will need:

One cheddar cheese stick, cubed

One turkey salami stick, sliced

10 lightly salted almonds

1/2 avocado (with seed; this prevents browning and will keep your avocado fresh)

2 boiled eggs

1/4 cup fresh fruit of choice (I personally love blueberries and strawberries together)

This is light, fresh, healthy, and absolutely perfect for either a good breakfast, or even a hearty snack later throughout the day! Hope you enjoy!

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