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Holy Guacamole!

Who loves guacamole? I can tell you that I go crazy for a good guacamole. I actually get really upset when I order it, and it's not good. Guacamole is such an easy and healthy recipe, you can really use it for more than just tacos and chip dip. I use it as a veggie dip, on sandwiches, and sometimes when I'm feeling extra fancy, I just eat it with a spoon... Mmmkay, maybe TMI :) One thing to remember, is guacamole doesn't have to be a one and done sort of deal. If you leave the avocado seeds in it, You can actually keep it for up to three days!

You will need:

3 large ripe hass avocados (will be slightly squishy to the touch)

3 avocado seeds

1/4 c. diced white onion

1 large tomato; diced

1 tbl. chopped cilantro

1 jalapeno; diced and seeds removed

1 clove fresh garlic; minced

1/2 lime; juiced

1/2 tsp. salt

1/2 tsp. ground cumin

In a large mixing bowl, add all ingredients except for tomatoes and seeds. Mash together with a fork, but be careful to not mix too much, as this will make your guacamole smooth (let's keep it chunky!). Add in tomatoes, and stir carefully, just enough to mix in tomatoes. Add seeds to keep fresh.


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